Scent Work NI Competition Rules

Scent work trials will consist of 5 different scent runs each scored out of 20 points.  If teams and handlers are able to find all of the scents without penatly they will be awarded the full 20 points for the clean run.  Scent runs are timed and the winners will be the fastest highest scoring team.  

Our aim is to be inclusive - adjustments can be made for dogs who are disabled or who are uncomfortable in the presence of other dogs. All dogs over the age of 20 weeks are eligible to enter.  Bitches in season are not eligible to enter.  The Judge reserves the right to exclude any dogs that they deem to be out of their comfort zone during any Scent Work NI Trial.  

All dogs must have completed a pre-Trial test for the level they are competing at prior to entering and for Level 2 onwards they must have achieved 3 clear scores in their previous level.


Punitive treatment of dogs will result in disqualification and a subsequent ban from participation.  

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